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Dipl. Electrical and Computer Engineer

Tel.: +30 210 772 3603, +30 210 772 2523

Fax:  +30 210 772 3504

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
He was born in 1977 in Athens, Greece, where he ended the primary and the secondary education (1994). He studied in the Department of Electrical Engineering of Technological Education Institute of Piraeus (1996-2000). He also studied in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens (2001-2004). He also studied in the Inter – Departmental Postgraduate Course “Energy Production and Management” (2009-2011). He is now Phd candidate at the High Voltage Laboratory of the National Technical University of Athens. He speaks English and French.


Professional activities: He worked in the Public Power Corporation S.A. (2001). He served his military service in the Hellenic Navy as Chief Electrician at a substation 22kV/1050V, 3150kVA and he was in charge for the battery maintenance in submarines. Since 2001 he teaches laboratory lessons of Electric Circuits and Electrical Measurements at the Department of Electrical Engineering in the Faculty of Technological Applications of the Technological Education Institute of Piraeus. He participates to tests and measurements, and he is also a laboratory assistant at the High Voltage Laboratory of the National Technical University of Athens. Furthermore, he taught Electric Circuit Theory and Electrical Measurement Theory at the Vocational Training Institute (IEK) of Aigaleo, Athens.

Publications: He is author of 1 degree thesis, 1 diploma thesis, 1 MSc thesis  2 papers in international scientific journals and 7 papers in conference proceedings.

Other Activities: Member of the Technical Chamber of Greece (ΤΕΕ) and of the Hellenic Association of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. He participates in research activities of the NTUA financially supported by public and private companies relative with quality controls of electrical materials, electric tests and tests of electromagnetic compatibility of electrical and electronic equipment. Furthermore, he teaches Electrical and Computer Engineering courses at vocational training seminars financially supported by European Union and public companies.

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